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Maybe By Gloria Nanfuka

Written by Gloria Nanfuka
Image: Ninnojackjr

It’s vanity I tell you

Everything is vanity to you

This one really is. Hear me out.

Do I have to?

Do you have anything else to do?

Amos though not amused by the comment conceded because his friend made a good point. He felt like he had watched enough TV to last him the rest of the year and there was no way he was going to bed this early in the day.

Ok, what is your big idea?

So, we made huge plans for the New Year, right?

I wouldn’t call mine huge

Don’t be modest. Okay, we made significantly sized plans for the year

They both laughed

Let’s just say we made plans

And there was just something about 2020 and it’s nicely rounded off figures with some arguing it was the end of a decade while others said we had one more to go


Tell me some of your plans


Trust me

Amos sighed dramatically.

I wanted to move out of home by the end of April

What’s the date today?

It’s the end of April

Alright, what did you do to prepare for that?

I saved up, I hustled harder. I wanted to start looking at places in March. What’s your point?

Man I had plans too. I still kind of have them but…


Robinsan has this song where he asks us why we worry when God feeds the birds of the fields or something like that

Who’s Robinsan?

You know Robinsan. I’ve played him for you!

Name doesn’t ring a bell

Robinsan, Ugandan Christian artist. He has a song about living life simply.

Okay. What does that have to do with anything?

I thought about it the other day. I had to walk a while to get to and from work, and it was far man. And the whole time I was doing these calculations in my head wondering what I could get, how much money I have, how long will it take me? What if this man locks us up longer? 

What happened?



To be more specific? Eagles. And I won’t tell you that I know much about them but they looked like they didn’t have a care in the world. Do you think they had 2020 plans?

What? Amos said as he stood up half laughing half worried about his friend

I mean, it got me thinking. I actually stopped and watched them for a bit

You did?

Yup, I needed to catch my breath too

They both laughed

My point is.  If God takes care of those birds, maybe we’re going to be okay.

So what’s vanity?

This taking care of yourself thing. Maybe, just maybe, we give God a chance.

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This taking care of yourself thing. Maybe, just maybe, we give God a chance.

Gloria Nanfuka

This writing is part of my collaboration with various writers, to use images as writing prompts to generate creative and thoughtful pieces of work. view more here

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