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Visual Writing

As a photographer, I am sometimes compelled to shoot images that will leave different narratives and image storylines in the minds of people; An image that does not give off its self so easily to one’s mind but can rather be perceived differently for each different mind.

I’d love to shoot more of these, and thought it best to collaborate with different writers who will bring these images to life using their creative writings.

Creative writing

Okwezuula By Ssebo Lule

The story is about self-discovery; the search for one’s true identity and place in the jungle called life. It also addresses the safety of a woman. Okwezuula means “Discovering oneself”.

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2 comments on “Visual Writing”

  1. This is awesome stuff!!!

    The photography and the writing come together so beautifully; well-done guys

    I’m looking forward to indulging myself with the many more art artpieces coming up!

  2. Hey Ninno, your shots are one of a kind, very inspirational and this is an awesome step to your legacy. I will be here to do my bidding. Big ups bro. Ibaale Jr

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