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Walking Out On Fear By Joyful Joy

Written by Joyful Joy

The sky was gray
But her heart was gay
She had heard of the road never taken
And it beckoned to her
She wondered how the leaves along its path would respond to the soles of her shoes
Alone, she trod along
The crunch of the leaves beneath her feet
Brought a sense of satisfaction as she took a step
And then another…

The path lay before her
Golden and brown leaves her carpet
Her mind unraveled
Her inspiration rose
Not even the black stone barricade would hold her back
It just served as a beautiful backdrop to her surrounding
Spurring her on to delve deeper into the beauty in her midst
Which part of these gloomy feeling yet wondrous woods had she not explored?

The pond stared back at her
Avoiding its gaze, she looked to her right
The water mass lay still, unmoved by her wandering mind
No ripple, no wiggle
Still It seemed like the trees too took that same stance
No wind ruffling their branches and leaves
No chirping birds
Nothing seemed new for a second
And then she saw it

An archway leading out of the space in which she now stood
Its stone structure was breathtaking
It too called out to her
But she dared not go through it
Or maybe she could
And just overcome the fear encroaching on her still heart
Maybe she could waltz through it
Like a princess after slaying the dragon
Maybe she could walk on and in
To the unknown beauty that lay on ahead
After all, had she not come out to discover?

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This writing is part of my collaboration with various writers, to use images as writing prompts to generate creative and thoughtful pieces of work. view more here

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