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Arch of the covenant By Misha G.I

Written by Misha G.I.
Images: Ninnojackjr

Intricately interwoven in the oven of my mama
I emerge a mummy; my spirit lies in a comma
I am the bread of strife; an aloof loaf lusting for dough
His rays hit me, far solar tea party’s at my door

As many affront and taunt my plans, He keeps me in His hand
I unlock and unload my hard heart unto this one Lord
He bids me unfurl his parchment and read of his government
He hopes to hone this hostile home into a Holy Hospice

I notice my four piece suit of armor pierced into four bits
My copy paste clique beg me Cut my ties and proselytize
But I one two know more, my four more for normal no more
Their jolly juice can no-longer quench my parched mental

My rental limbs and lungs long for the arch of His covenant
When dental teeth and tongues will tweet a sound that Beethoven cant
An axe He’ll take to my ache’s toll; I extoll Him as great
Yes He’ll be back again to take me home and He won’t be late

This writing is part of my collaboration with various writers, to use images as writing prompts to generate creative and thoughtful pieces of work. view more here

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