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The Battle Within By Labak Janet

Written by Janet Labak

I am once again at that crossroad,
Not knowing where to go, or which path I should follow.
Why can’t I ever make up my mind?
Why does my brain always feel so muddled?
I want to try both ways, but I am left with only one choice.
Where should I go?

Both paths are frightening to me,
One all windy and mysterious,
Seemingly having no certain end.
Should I go this way?
But what if I can never find my way back home?
What if this path is to a point of no return?

The other path is no different,
Even seemingly scarier than the other,
An opening so small, that I feel claustrophobic.
I cannot deal with the uncertainty on this path.
What if I make the wrong choice?
What if my choices come back to haunt me?
Can I be able to live with myself?

“Get a grip on yourself”, another voice whispers
“Why are you so scared?
Don’t you trust me?
Don’t you know that I would never put you in harm’s way?”
And with the gentle calming whisper,
I receive inner strength.
I know that no matter what,
He is always watching over me.
And so I step out in FAITH.

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This writing is part of my collaboration with various writers, to use images as writing prompts to generate creative and thoughtful pieces of work. view more here

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