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The Woods By Auma Rita

Written by Auma Rita
Images: Ninnojackjr

She often sat next to her grandmother’s laps to listen to the tales of the days she left behind. They varied from tales that brought joy and laughter to those that caused pain and shame.

Some nights she would observe the scars on her Nana’s hands and beautiful black skin and ponder if her heart had braved even more than her physical body could show.

She wondered what paths Nana had walked and how far her journey took her.

She wondered whether the path was clear by day and how Nana survived the cold nights.

She wondered if Nana had kept her head high even in times when all she saw was blocks of failure staring right at her.

She wondered if she found peace with the silent sermons nature preached.

She was glad Nana found her way, otherwise she knew wouldn’t be here, staring so intently at Nana. she waited for her to narrate another escapade of how she made it to the other side. She hoped that maybe today would be the day Nana told the story of the scars unseen from the path many often less travel.

Nana smiled and asked, have I ever told you the story of how I made it out of the woods?

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