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FR33DOM By Jade Novelist

Written by Jade Novelist
Image: Ninnojackjr

Days become nights, nights become days 
and we no longer have need to label week days;
Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday are enough.

Time moves differently when you question your existence,
for so long I thought I knew freedom until my movements were restricted.

They say it’s for my own safety and the safety of others,
I went from an ordinary man to a potential terrorist, so now my neighbors fear me. A sneeze is equivalent to a stick of dynamite, a chain event leading to more chains and sedation, a cough, and they will lock me away from the rest of society.

It’s invisible but I see the orange jump suit every day when I wake, I’m trapped in solitary with the government as the judge who sentenced me and society as the warden who monitors me.

I’m stuck in a construct with four walls, only allowed to leave when in search of my next meal when the provisions in my cell run dry or get stale.

The other inmates seem to be doing well. I know because technology allows me to hear their thoughts. They paired up with their loved ones while I share this space with my demons, even the ones only I can hear.

In truth, I’m scared, what if the world ends and I’ve not done enough? What if the world ends and I’ve never truly helped someone? What if the world ends and all the dreams I put on hold never see the light of reality because all the things that held me back were mistitled, as insecurities when I could have simply called them ME.

Maybe that’s why I hate this silence, why I don’t enjoy this solitude; the conversations with myself get too loud sometimes.

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