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Free Copper Beauty By Joanita Drazuru

Written by Joanita Drazuru
Images: Ninnojackjr

On the path of soil surrounded by stones
I meet copper brown leaves right under the trees
I’m a stand out blend crushing crunchy twigs
And the water is still just to capture me

A family of tall ridged rough-barked blocks
With stems so stiff, roots beyond six feet
Still straining their necks to speak to the sky
While I with the wind undetected walk by

The colours of birth and life surround me
Living dead stones stay linked at the door
Man-made order bordering chaotic nature
Cages the color of death a little while longer

By day sun makes its way over green heads
Its rays pick a path through the leaves and tree hands
Bringing in warmth to the damp cold arena
They meet me among the trees to add to the beauty

Piled upon each other the rocks protect the graveyard
The tallest mother trees see once leaves dead beneath
Sun-kissed and free from attachment to a beam
They wait for the wind to bid them visit for a lift

I wonder how in death leaves look prettier and free
In contrast to the living leafy dark green and stuck
With purpose, they return to the soil that gave them birth
And bring a copper beauty to the forest of their worth.

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