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Lost Spaces By Mable Amuron

Written by Mable Amuron
Images: Ninnojackjr

A world that can’t be seen
A space that can’t be lived.
A place that’s a smokescreen
She found herself, lost.

She was struggling
Struggling to see beyond what she beheld
Struggling to seek out the sun through the clouds.
Struggling to paint colour in the grey

She was blind
Blind to the beauty that surrounded her
Blind to the strength within her

Blind to the colour she wore on her and within her
She was found in lost spaces
Struggling to see
Blind to the strength within
Waiting to find a home
That was there all along.

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This writing is part of my collaboration with various writers, to use images as writing prompts to generate creative and thoughtful pieces of work. view more here

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